Addendum-June 10, 2004

I have recently found out that nature has played a cruel trick on me. I am literally losing my mind. Nature has decided to make holes in my brain by way of a disease called MS-multiple sclerosis. I am not sure if I will ever dream true again.

Having said that, I did have a very disturbing dream the other week. Perhaps it was triggered by the ads for "The Day After Tomorrow". Because the dream was a week or more ago, and not as "real" as some of the others mentioned in my article, I have been reluctant to put words to paper. However, I also cannot forget some of the images.

Something happens to the Statue of Liberty. The only vision I have left is of smoke from her, and bodies, and body pieces, lying on the ground. Not much of a vision. Also I "felt" a gleeful feeling, coming from outside myself, that this thing happened. I think I was in disbelief and felt, for myself, a profound grief.

That's all I have. Since I have had that dream I found out that the statue is closed to visitors. So you can take that for what it is worth. As I said previously, not all dreaming is true dreaming.