The Life of a Squirrel

I watched my mama from the tree

As she started the journey

To leave our home and look for food

I love you she said

And she continued on her way

I noticed the way her mouth was twitching

I knew that she was scared

I wish that I could have come with her

But I was much too small to leave the tree

I could see her bushy tail waving back at me

I looked real hard as she crossed the battlefield

Otherwise called a street

Finally I could not see her at all

She had made it across to the nut tree

I waited at home for a long time

Until I could wait no more

I climbed out the hole

And scurried down the tree

I had never been outside before

The strange sights enveloped and filled my head with air

I was scared of the long legged creatures that walked above me

I heard a strange sound that was constantly playing on the battlefield

Huge machines that whizzed by faster than the eye can see

I called out to my mama but she did not come

I waited on the curb for her to arrive

I was really quiet trying not to make a sound

When I saw a lumpy creature lying on the ground

In the middle of the battlefield

The huge creatures went around it so it was really hard to see

But when I did sneak a peek it was all so unreal to me

There was my mama, lying stiffly on the road

I walked over to her

Not worrying about the machines

The noise

The battlefield

I cried by her tail until I could cry no more

A long legged creature picked up mama and put her in a bag

I ran away from the battlefield

Back into my tree

Why did my mama go and leave me?

One day I will cross that battlefield

Oh yes I will

My mama’s dream I will fulfill