The room is crowded, loud, and sweaty. In short, everything she hates. She pauses, gathering her courage to get up, and do what she must.
She makes her way to the front of the lunch line, and gets her usual french fries with gravy.
She pays, and slowly walks back to her solitary table.
She opens her lunch box silently, staring at the contents reverently.
Bright wanring signs warn her, caution her, tell her to STOP!
She pays the warnings no heed, and slowly takes out the bottle.
She hums a quiet tune, barely recongizeable as 'Reflection' by Christina Aguleria, and uncaps the bottle.
She begins to pour the deadly posion known as Arsenic, known to her as freedom, onto her fries. She then puts the bottle back in her lunch box, and non-chantly pushes it off the table and into the trash can.
She won't be needing it.
The school's PA system goes off. "Let us bow our heads and ask Mother Mary to pray for those in need. Hail Mary.." She smiles through her tears as she mouths the words.
"Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen."
She slowly picks up a posion laiden french fry, and begins to eat her lunch.