~ How Raindrops Fall ~

A dream is like dancing in the rain

Wild, unimaginable, daring

The raindrops sing silent as they splash

Into your hair, onto your face,

Cooling it with a crystal breath.

You’d dance in the street â€" splop, splish â€"

Everyone staring, disbelieving

So wild, unimaginable, daring

Splashing puddles with muddy boots

And watch glinting, silver-gray drops

Fly for a moment, and fall from existence.

So dizzy, breathless, so pleased that

You made this mess - you made a joy

So wild, unimaginable, daring

In a dream of dancing water rivulets

Running nowhere and everywhere,

Flying as we never will, traveling to places

Beyond time and conscious thought.

But it will stay only a dream,

Wild, intangible, elusive, surreal

To those who seek the perfect vision,

And fail to see how all raindrops fall.