I walk down the mountainside, alone, waiting for the last bit of sun to rise and burst onto the mountainside like it always does everyday. I waited for the burst of happiness and sunshine to come, but it never did. i stood there for hours, waiting for my life to become mine again, for the sun to warm my spirits again. I wait for the life i am pining for, and as i sit here by this window with the bars on every corner, no way for me to escape to my old life, i pray for God to let me live for one more day back in my old life on the Mountainside. My life was great then, only, as i imagine the happiness now, i also remember the persecution for my religion. I remember how my neighbors looked at me just because i was Jewish. I remember the fear i felt, waiting for the soldiers on my door, knowing they would come someday.
"Come on, number 4638297," said the man with the heavy German Accent. He did not speak Dutch well, but i knew what was coming. "It's time for your execution."