Funny how we hate to need something we don't want
Funny how you were kind of with me all along
Funny how when the ghosts of shame begin to haunt
We bow our heads and listen to them tell us that we're wrong

Sometimes candy tastes the sweetest when it's on the highest shelf
Sometimes words can only do so much to tell you how I feel
Sometimes when I can't remember just how to be myself
Things go out of focus and these thoughts become too real

Later I'll realize what it means to be like you
Later I'll forget all the things you put me through
Later I'll analyze all the facts and all the clues
That led me to the understanding of what I had to do

Maybe you'll get another perfect chance to pull me in
Maybe time will grab us right before we start to fall
Maybe I'll hold back next time you flash your fatal grin
The grin that pierces what I hide so far behind this wall

You take me with your eyes and you refuse to let me go
You tease me with your lies and you confuse everything I know
You scare me with your cries and you abuse what you control
So this time when you win this game you'll have something to show.