Just Think

That any little world could make me go off

Taking the shot

Cause I won’t be able to see the good points

My life is all shit

How much I wanna die

But can’t cause you pain

I’m still hopping

On the fallen angel

That you might care enough

So it hurts

You’re the only thing keeping me alive

The one that’s causing me to die

I’ll say I didn’t know what I was doing

Going overboard on a diet

Slowly I’ll kill myself

I am the seeker

Lost in a circle

Round n’ round

You will never get how I feel

How un-perfect I am

Just think about it

Getting down, cutting up, abusing, and all that

My life is shit

I loved you from the start

I’ll love you till the end

Just don’t pretend

Cause no matter what I say

You’re ever little word cuts deeper