I decided to try an original poetry piece ^_^ Since I'm so used to writing romance stuff though, I'll try to go for different angles.


Wandering Through The Mist

The normally polite snickered behind her back
The usually kind laughed at her from their windows
The young and innocent imitated her slow, limp walk
And none even knew her name

The cart she pushed rolled over the cracks
Her eyes held wisdom while her smile showed forgiveness
To those who never dared to talk to her
The homeless woman who walked up our street

Trash bags of the color black were strung to
The shopping basket on four wheels
They banged and rattled against the metal sides menacingly
Not caring whether they damaged the exterior

Much like we did to the interior of the lady.

I know she cried, she had to have
But all she showed was determination in her steady look
If only I had talked to her, if only I had given her help
But those if only's are only words now...

For she stopped coming down our street
Even when I searched for her presence, she was not to be found
I hope and pray that she found her haven
Somewhere she can be safe, joyful, and sound.

Somewhere she won't be wandering through the mist.

This isn't based on fact...but I got the inspiration when I saw a stranger walking up our street with that same shopping cart...anyway, please review this ^_~ Sayonara!