Spring's Sonnet

by v_voltaire

::v_voltaire takes the stage:: Bonus points to all those who pointed out that my sonnets aren't actually sonnets. What can I say? I prefer iambic quadrameter to iambic pentameter. It gives it more of a driving force. Anyway, only one more season to go. Expect the last one in summer. (When else?) ::v_voltaire exits the stage::

Spring's Sonnet

by v_voltaire

I can't believe that hint of green

Is poking out amidst the white.

I can't believe that hope, unseen,

Is visible in my mind's sight.

The snow reflects the sun, too bright—

Too hot! Ice cracks! I shield my eyes!

Soft tendrils grow to greet the light:

Hope's birth, but born at such a price!

Buried there, 'neath shards of ice,

My old heart lies so still and frozen.

A generous, tragic sacrifice

To birth the new love I have chosen.

Old love may die, this much is true,

To lend its strength to love anew.