My breathing slows,

My heart stops beating,

My skin feels cold,

Why aren’t I speaking?

I start to shake,

I start to fall,

I start to cry,

Why aren’t I happy?

My skin turns pale,

My hair gets brittle,

My eyes stop seeing,

Why can’t I feel?

I start to slow down,

I can’t hear,

I can’t taste a thing,

Why can’t I sense anything?

You told me I was special,

You said I was great,

You said I was magnificent,

Why can’t I see the same?

We were supposed to be partners,

We were supposed to be a team,

We were supposed to be together,

Why can’t we have my dream?

You turned me into one of you,

You changed me,

You made me unique,

Why have I been changed?

We were the same,

We were the ever living,

We were vampires,

Why did you kill me?