The Wind

The wind blows threw my long hair,

Gliding with the wind,

I listen to its whispers,

Like a sister to a sister.

We fly high as the sky can go,

And as low as the sea,

Together, we can go anywhere,

Just me and the wind.

I start to fall,

I can’t breathe,

What is going on,

What is happening to me?

You held me up for oh so long,

But then you let me go,

And I have nothing to hold on to,

Just me and just me, alone.

I landed, I don’t know where,

But I don’t even care,

Because I want to be together,

With you the wind.

Why did you let me go,

I was happy,

I loved to be with you,

Why can’t I?

I loved the way my skin would tingle,

The way my hair would fly,

I loved the way my eyes would gleam,

The way I felt light in the air.

I miss the wind,

The way it whispered and sang,

But we can never be together,

Because I’m in-between.

I don’t miss the wind as much,

What did it feel like,

I don’t remember,

How did if feel against my skin?

I’m getting scared,

I don’t know what to do,

Because my friend, the wind,

I don’t remember you…