"Please, Sharon, don't interrupt me. I just want to get this all out in the open." Aaron was pacing about the room as he spoke.

Sharon sat motionless in the chair in the apartment's darkened corner.

"Sharon, I believe that we have reached an impasse in our relationship. We just don't seem to be going anywhere. I think its time for both of us to move on. I know this comes as a shock to you, but it was obvious from the start that we never had a future. I just hope that you understand why this is the way it has to be."

A single tear rolled down Sharon's cheek as Aaron walked towards the chair, and placed a hand on her shoulder. She tried to draw away from his touch.

Aaron withdrew his hand, "Now, now. There's no reason we can't still be friends. What do you say?" Aaron removed the duct tape from her mouth.

"You fucking psycho. Who the fuck are you? What the…" Aaron replaced the tape and watched her muscles flex as she struggled against the ropes securing her hands and feet.

"I was afraid you wouldn't understand." Aaron withdrew a utility knife from his jacket pocket and pressed its point firmly against her throat, drawing a single drop of blood.

Sharon's whimpering stopped as she looked up into Aaron eyes, pleading for her life silently. Aaron's gaze softened and a playful smile crossed his lips, as he drew the knife slowly across her neck severing her jugular. A pool of dark blood quickly formed at the base of the chair.

Moments later on the street below, Aaron hailed a taxi and promptly left the city.

* * *

"You said you'd be home for dinner." Somehow Megan sounded even angrier over the phone.

"I said I'm sorry honey. I don't get to decide when these people get killed." That was the wrong thing to say.

"You decided to be a cop. You decided to work in homicide. Don't tell me what you didn't decide, Derek."

He wanted to say, "You decided to marry me," but didn't. Calvin wanted to stay married.

Megan slammed down the receiver before he could say anything. It was raining outside, and the weather reflected Megan's mood. She walked to the window to watch the wind blow through the twin elms at the end of the driveway, and was startled to see a taxi sitting in front of the garage. The doorbell rang.

Looking through the peephole, Megan saw a tall dark-haired gentleman in his early thirties.

"Can I help you?" she spoke through the intercom.

Megan backed away from the peephole as the man appeared to stare directly into her eyes.

"Open the door." He didn't use the intercom. His voice was soft and gentle… hypnotic.

Megan opened the door, and the stranger flowed through. She started to speak, "Who…"

The man pressed his index finger to his lips and Megan fell silent, "My name is Aaron." He motioned for Megan to sit on the couch; she sat without a word.

Aaron removed his coat and threw it down beside Megan, then took his seat in the easy chair opposite her. Her eyelids fluttered, blinking back tears, as she nervously folded and unfolded her hands. Her eyes met with Aaron's, and she immediately drew away from his gaze.

"You may speak." Aaron's quiet voice seemed to resonate with her mind.

"What do you want with me?" Megan tried to remain calm.

Aaron spoke without moving. "Your husband is investigating a murder I committed earlier today. I will remain here with you until he arrives."

"You're going to kill us," Megan said.


* * *

"Honey, what's with the taxi?" Megan's husband was home. He walked through the door and was startled to see Aaron sitting in the living room with his wife.

Aaron raised his hand in greeting. "Please join us, detective. Megan and I have been expecting you."

Derek reached for his gun, but Aaron waved his finger at him, "There's no need for that. Why don't you give the gun to me and have a seat in the recliner."

Aaron stood and took Derek's gun and coat, and placed them on the couch beside Megan, as Derek sunk back into the chair.

Aaron looked at Megan. "I need you to fetch a razor blade for me." He then directed his gaze at Derek. "Just make yourself at home, detective."

Megan returned carrying an orange safety razor. She tried to hand it to Aaron, but he waved her off, "It's not for me. Hold on to it for a minute."

Aaron walked out to the taxi and took a rope from the trunk, being careful not to disturb the body of the former driver. He then returned to the house, bound Derek's feet together and tied his hands to the chair's legs.

"I need you to open your eyes as wide as you can, detective." Derek swiftly complied even as his eyes rapidly darted back and forth.

Aaron used two strips of scotch tape to secure Derek's eyelids to his forehead.

"Your turn now Megan, I want you to come over here and shave Derek's iris off."

Megan shuffled over to her husband stood over him. Derek remained completely still until the cold blade made contact with his eye. As she began to pull the razor across his left eye, Derek squirmed furiously, struggling against his bonds and trying to close his eyes.

"Megan stop! Please!" Derek shouted over and over.

Aaron stood in the corner silently, and a smile crossed his lips as Derek's pleas turned to screams.

By the time Megan started on his right eye, Derek had vomited and was struggling to breathe in his reclined position. His body quaked as he choked to death. Megan stood over her husband's corpse holding the razor, with a blank stare on her face. Aaron picked up the gun from the couch, and pointed it at Megan's head.

Megan turned to face her demise, "Aaron."


"I love you."