I’ll Show

Lie down quietly,

Don’t make a sound,

I know you are sleeping,

But I still can see your frown.

You were sad and angry,

Because I made you cry,

Please listen to me dearest,

I will never lie.

I can’t believe,

What came over me,

We fought and I won,

Oh so easily.

You had given up,

We always argued,

But this time it was different,

I had won this time and you hadn’t.

What had happened to our routine,

It used to be fun,

Now it is just mundane,

Like the words you say to me.

You say you love me,

But I know it isn’t true,

Because you love another,

And he loves you.

We used to talk together,

Go out for walks,

Then he came into our lives,

And you just plain forgot.

We canceled dates,

And anniversary parties,

Just for the man,

Who took my place.

At first I thought I was paranoid,

Then I thought I was just jealous,

Then it was plain as day,

That you loved him more than me.

Our friends said I was crazy,

You said I was a loon,

Then you started dreaming about him,

Like he would be yours very soon.

I think that is true,

Because you are making me feel strange,

Like that phrase you used to say,

‘I’m just feeling blue.’

He weeded into your heart,

Like a weed in a garden,

But your garden is unattended,

So he will stay there forever.

Even though this makes me sad,

I just want you to know,

That I really do love you,

And if you need me, I’ll show.