Hey everyone! I based this off a dream that I had. It wasn’t quite like this, but I had to elaborate to get to 1500 words for an English assignment. Anyway, please R/R. I know its really weird, but read anyway. Thanx!

Disclaimer: Mostly mine, the cereal isn’t. That’s about much it. Anything else you recognize probably isn’t mine either. Don’t sue, I’m broke.

I looked into my cereal bowl and saw the soggy mixture of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and milk hardening in my bowl. It was just another day in eternal suffering, also known as my life. I had to once more make the torturous journey to school. As I trudged along, listing the 206 bones in the human body to myself, I never expected anything but a normal day, with the exception of the six finals I had that day. Little did I know…I had much more to worry about than the grades that I would get on my tests, conveniently all scheduled on the same day that our 400 point science project was due. It was quite obviously a conspiracy of epic proportions.

I reached purgatory at 8:43 and immediately knew something was wrong. There wasn’t the usual commotion in the hallways, it was dead silent…literally. As I cautiously made my way to the geography room, I found the silence becoming more and more suspicious. I walked into the room and found my teacher lying on the unwashed floor…dead. My first reaction when I saw the body was to scream, and I did. I immediately realized my mistake and ran to hide in the closet as I heard the footsteps of an unidentified person. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears and was both shocked and relieved when I realized that the person or thing could not hear and did not know that I was there. Or so I thought...

Then I heard the voice. In all of my years I had never heard such a terrifying voice and you should pray you never do. The horrid voice called out “Fee Fie Foe Fum, I smell the blood of a person with worser grammar than I!â€