When I was really little, my daddy told me that my mummy was on holidays. He said she was going
to be gone for a looonnggg time. I thought that was pretty sad and stuff, cause being little and
all I needed my mummy, 'specially since she was the bestest mummy in the world. Her hair smelt
like fruit loops and her eyes were always laughing. And since I liked laughing and I loovvveedd
fruit loops, I thought my mummy was pretty special. So when I heard she had gone on holidays without
me I was really sad, and I missed her alot. I wrote her everyday...but she never wrote back. I asked
my daddy if he'd mailed my letters like he said he would, and for some reason my question made
him cry. I figured he just missed my mummy like I did, so I hugged him and told him that when mummy
came back we'd have a big party for her, with balloons, and a cake, and maybe even the clown that
Craig had at his party. I thought that would make daddy happy, cause everyone likes a party. But
it just made him cry more.
Now I'm older, and being six means I'm alot smarter than I was two years ago. Now I know that my
mummy isn't on holidays, but she's gone to a special place called Heaven. Sometimes I cry at nights
because I ache to be in Heaven too, but daddy says not just anyone can get into Heaven, and that
I have to wait until it's my time for God to take me too. I think thats mean. I think that God must
be a pretty selfish guy to take my mummy to live with him in Heaven and not take me and my daddy.
I figure that maybe God is like Bobby Franks, who hits people at school. Daddy says that Bobby only
hits people cause his daddy hits him, so he doesn't know it's wrong. Maybe when God was little
someone took his mummy away from him. Still...if he'd asked me first, I'm sure I could've worked out
a deal with him, where every second week mummy could live with us, like Sally and her parents. Since
they don't love each other any more, but they still love her, they share her. I wish that I could
visit my mummy in Heaven, but daddy says it's a long way away...further than Nebraska! I hope mummy
isnt cold...and that God buys her some clothes, because when she went she left all her clothes behind.
When I finally see her, I'll tickle her with my hair like i used to and she'll tickle me until I
gasp for air and daddy will pretend to get angry, but I'll see the way he looks like mummy, like she's
the only girl in the world.
Maybe God just really likes the smell of fruit loops, like me.