Now, who are you…?

Who do you think you are?

You come over to my house,

And tell me what I’m supposed to be doing!

You don’t know who the hell I am, do you?

I’m the reason Dave and Busters doesn’t let kids come inside unattended.

I’m the reason you have to be so tall to go on a Roller Coaster at Six Flags.

I’m the reason they don’t sell cigarettes to kids under 18.

You still don’t know who I am?

Do you even know who you are?

Who the hell are you, anyway?

Are you an adult,

Do you work for my real mother?

I don’t give a fuck who you are!

You have no right to tell me what to do.

I am my own person,

I am an American citizen.

You still don’t know who I am?

I’m going to play with you some more,

I love messing with people’s heads!

I’m the reason nobody knows what the ‘E.’ in Chuck E. Cheese stands for.

I’m the reason there are Teen Flicks in America.

I’m the reason they can’t show movies that are rated ‘R’ on basic TV.

Still wondering?

You are slow aren’t you!

You have know idea who I am, yet I know everything about everyone.

Except you!

I’m going in circles here.

Why is that?

And why are you demanding things of me?

I’m not your slave,

And I’m not your maid.

I’m the reason there are Sex Ed. classes in schools.

I’m the reason people can’t drink in public.

I’m the reason there is no such thing as safe sex.

You still don’t know who I am?

And I still don’t know who you exactly are!

Fuck this!

You want to know who I am?

I’m your nightmare,

Your worst fears and desires,

I’m why you didn’t make it through college,

I’m your child, your teen,

That you had, when you were young.

Now, who are you…?