Wake Up Call!
(By Josh)

Lukewarm hearts, desiring so selfishly;
Compassionate, with brokeness,
can you reach one so willingly?
I stand before my greatest trial.
To live this life in self denial,
and walk by faith
just like a little child.

Reaching them that suffer loss;
A price, a call,
with such a higher cost.
I burn with anger,
'cause you have no care.
No life, no heart,
expressionless stare.

People are dying every day.
You laugh, you mock,
you walk your own way.
One day you'll have an answer to give,
this life you have,
that you so selfishly live.

Every day they pass you by,
but you can't see it in their eyes.
They're all so empty-without a care;
His love you have; you'll never share.

It's not too late, don't waste your time;
A perfect plan, in God's design.
So will make a stand with me,
or will you let them burn for all eternity?!...