For one sweet second nothing moves. Absolute silence comes crashing down around their heads and then movement and sound return slowly. The lady in the pink dress screams and stumbles back in horror, but the crowd surges in a split second later, wanting to be as close as possible to almost-death. The old man is in the middle, maybe for the first time since his birth, but even now he has no more to say to them than he had then, in those first seconds. They don't know him and he doesn't know them, doesn't know anyone anymore, doesn't even know why he picked this particular subway station. He would like to apologize- tries to do so. A gurgle, and his left hand moves gently because his right is weighed down by the gun, but he has no face left and no mouth to form the words. Someone bends down and the silence comes back and someone whispers something but nobody really hears it. A train rushes into the station, and pink-dress lady starts screaming again. Someone moves to comfort her and people begin to walk away.