Elizabeth, this is for you. I’m so glad we got to be BFF forever!


She sat by herself

Next to us but so far away

She was quiet

He loved her in her silence

We wondered what she was all about

Why the quietness?

I don’t know why we began to talk to her

Perhaps we just found common ground

But she spoke, and spoke well.

The gradual entrance into our sphere

Was accepted without question

We began to know the girl who seemed to make silences speak

I began to realize

That despite our differences

The girl was really just like me

I guess that we didn’t seem the same

But only on the outside

Once you knew her, you realized that she is not what she appears at first

She spoke with us at lunch

We grew closer and closer

Until we could feel comfortable in our own silences

Uncomfortable silences

Were no more

We now loved the girl