Sleeping Beauty

Whisk me away to a place that is fine,

Give me a castle entirely mine,

A forest a beach a mountainous find,

A genuine feeling that I left behind,

Provide me a river a lake a brook,

A wonderful calmness that before I had shook,

Provide for me an angel a gaurdain brave,

A wall of protectection that never will cave,

Supply me temptations, a dangerous fiend,

A rocky adventure, a love for all things,

Furnish my mind with knowlegde of time,

A book or a pen will do me just fine.

So whisk me away to place that is mine,

And let me relax and melt into time,

Simply a breeze in the currents of my mind,

Purely a leaf on the tree that I climb,

Let the moon fall and darkness yield me,

And the stillness of blackness tenderly shield me,

And nothing can hurt me where forever I reign

And among my creations I sleep without pain…

- - -CRetE- - -