I wake up each morning a brand new day

The sun's not always shinning so the sky is gray

With pain in my heart from my cold depression

I look at my room and feel like I'm in detention

I don't want to be here, but where would I go?

I have to go to school where my scars cannot show

But when I get there I have to be happy

I have to hide thoughts that really are crappy

I just want to scream or sleep or hurt

I could always take a knife and with death I could flirt

I want to go home or away from here

Somewhere safe, where I have no fear

Of failing or loosing in school or a fight

Sometimes I wish that my life were one long night

I choose to be this way, I'll admit it's the truth

Watch out for my bite like a venomous tooth

I don't want to stop writing, cause awake I should be

But today and tomorrow I suggest you ignore me