In every dream your face I see
The world disappears, just you and me.
Morning noon and night
If I think of you I just might
Cry myself to sleep
Because you were supposed to be mine
Every tear is the same
Every poem screams your name
I wanted to fall into the sappy world of clichés
I wanted you love to blind me into a daze
I wanted what couldn't be
Stupid pathetic little me
What ever between us did I see
I don't want to see your face
Don't want to go to school
Loving you I played a fool
But you seemed so perfect, your love so true
Now I see thru to the real you
Hypocrite, player, jerk, want more?
The guy who showed me the door…
Before he even knew me
Hmm, let's see…asshole!
But gorgeous, intellectual, creative, maybe a bit sexual
Discussing politics and my wrongly conservative mother
I loved you like no other
This heartache isn't going away
The pain lingers all day
What do you want me to say
Your smile was my universe
Now I toss and turn, your name I curse
Strike me down till I am no more
Burry me beneath the floor
Send me out of this hellish place
I don't want to live if I can't kiss your face
Whoever said tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all didn't know NOTHING
Didn't have to get on your hands and knees and crawl,
away from their biggest SOMETHING
you said if your laughing at death then your laughing at life and if your laughing at life then you don't know shit about life
well you killed me, my soul at least
I don't smile as I wrestle this invisible beast
Depression has such a flawless complexion
Hey hot shot, who's laughing now
Ya, that's what I thought
You witnessed my fall, you watched me die, and yet you did nothing
We never even fought, prolly cause you didn't a damn
Please try to be half the man you ought
Realize I exist and do as your being taught
Next time I look in your direction with this much affection you'd better give me some attention