this is a poem. It no longer has any meaning to me, for
the reason it was written no longer exists.


Don't write me poems,
If you don't mean what you say.
Don't say you love me,
If love changes each day.
I am your friend,
So you should be mine.
Don't use me to get him,
You're wasting your time.
I've known you for four years,
You've known him for one.
With him you just argue,
With me you have fun.
Arg! Why do you do this?
I'm just wasting away,
While you're with that senior,
Who just wants a lay.
One day I'll leave you,
You won't know what to do,
And you will run to him,
And we'll see who stayed true.

This poem means nothing
I don't mean it all,
All I am saying,
Is that you'll love me,
In the Fall.