A legacy to live up to

Footsteps to fill

You’ve kept us waiting

All these years

Make it worth our while

Make the story complete

Tell it in a good way

Finish the tale

Let us know how it ends

But make it of the same breed

Don’t give us crap

And tell us it’s divine

Make this be worth

The hours we’ve spent in line

Make this be worth

The agony

Of waiting three years

For the next edition

Make this fill the shoes

Of the ones you made before

Let our anticipations

Be worth their while

We hear tales told

Of how the suicide rate

Went down

Because people wanted

To know what happened

Before they died

Make us wait

Make us want to know

Don’t let our dreams

Go to waste

Don’t ruin the series

Don’t ruin the show

Make these

What we’ve been waiting for