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If you put the puzzle together
there's a story you can see.
But you're no closer to the ending
then where you used to be.

'Cause the pieces are still pieces
and the river has it's bend.
And as long as you remember me
I will always be your friend.

Life has many peices,
Coming together and coming apart
But I promise to stand by you,
and to never break your heart.

But the pieces are still pieces,
and this fairy tale is true.
And as long as you remember the real me,
I will stand by you.

Oh..La, la, la, la, la,...
Life's are story...
Life's a puzzle...
Life's a fairy tale that's true.
Life is hopeful.
Life is watching.
Life is waiting just for you...

Since pieces are still pieces,
and the song I sing is true.
I promise to wait all my life,
And stand by you.
And forever be with you..

The world is in peices,
But friends are forever...