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So I guess this is goodbye-

My luggage is packed

The ticket in hand,

My plane arriving.

Wish we had left on better terms,

But what’s said is said,

What’s done is done.

And you sit so sullenly in your small room,

No one there but your anger.

Discriminations and stubbornness…

And as you brood over that past you can never change,

My story’s slowly ending.

So I guess this is goodbye-

You’re finally free-

Never have to see my face again-

Never have to hear my voice again.

Want to say that I’ll always love you,

The way I once thought I would.

Want to take your cold hands,

And warm them in mine.

But I’ve swallowed the last of my pride,

Cried the last of my tears.

I have no more love to bleed for you,

No more pain to fear,

No more sorrow,

Or regret.

So this is goodbye-

My ticket is spent,

My plane departed,

And all that’s left is sky.