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(Writing in *~* is what Clementine is writing.)

Epilogue: 12 Years A.E


When my publisher, Anna Scott had called and asked me to write an autobiography of my life, I never would have guessed that it would be so hard. There were so many intimate and emotional moments I had to bring back as I connected the pen to the paper. As I neared the last page of my life story, my daughter interrupted my train of thought.


*** "Sandra, put that down," I said, reminding myself of my mom as I took the glass cup out of her little fingers and placed it on the counter.

Her response to that was a giggling tantrum as she shakily sauntered over to the couch and leaped on it. Ever since, she had progressed from crawling to walking, I had become very overprotective. Covering table corners with bubble wrap-the works. Sure, it was exciting when she took her first steps and my husband had the camera out but now, a month later, I was wishing that she were still in her crawling phase.

Just as I was about to return to my writing, the doorbell rang. I spotted my husband's car out the kitchen window and smiled to myself.

"Hey honey!" I said, feeling like a stay-at-home 50's wife, as I greeted him at the door and enveloped him in a giant bear hug.

"Dada!" Sandra tried to run, and ended up tripping on the carpet. Her dad picked her up before she could burst out crying, and kissed her.

"How did it go today?" I asked, as I poured him a cup of coffee.

"It was frigging crazy today. I must've sold 5 cars. How's your writing going? Get anything done today?"

"Well," I began. "Kind of. It's hard you know. There's just so much that I could fit in 100 pages. It's my entire life crammed into 100 pages."

"Anything about us in there?"

"You can't imagine. But don't worry. I left all the good parts out."

"Aww man," he said, as he got up and went upstairs to shower, leaving me shaking my head and remembering why I had married him in the first place.



My husband. You're probably wondering who he is. Jay? My first and foremost high school love. Or perhaps Evan, the guy who had loved me so much, he had hurt himself. Then there's Adam, the guy I had chosen over the guy I had loved most in the entire world. The one who had gotten shot at that awful party. That night, still fresh in my memory. I remember screaming at the top of my lungs, and then making my mother drive me to the hospital, where I waited in the waiting room for 4 hours before they would let me see his crumpled body.

His entire chest was bloated, and the wound from the bullet was at the side of his hip, where the bandage wrapped around it was deep red. His leg was wrapped around with a mesh bandage, only giving me the impression that Adam Whitbury had gotten shot 2 times. Once towards the right side of his lower abdomen, and once in the shin. He was barely awake and he was whimpering. I hated seeing him in so much pain, and I hated whoever had done this to him.

Tears streamed down my face as I thought of what I would do if Adam disappeared. Who would be so selfish to do this to him? His doctor entered the room, and pulled me aside.

"Ms. Warner, to ease your worried, Adam has responded well and he will live."

The weight residing at the pit of my stomach vanished and I started giggling uncontrollably.


I took a deep breath.

"He may not be able to walk again for a long time. It's going to take years and years of physiotherapy."

I nodded, the grin vanishing off of my face. At least he was alive.

"Who shot him?" I asked.

"I'm sorry but I don't have that information," the doctor had said.

Later, I found out from Kara that Adam had been shot by Mark. The guy whose wrist had snapped behind the dumpster when he had picked a fight with Adam. Apparently, Mark's dream of becoming a drummer went down the drain after his entire wrist was cracked, and he wanted to seek out revenge on Adam, by scaring him with his father's new gun. Oh, but he did more than scare him. He was so drunk he ended up pulling the trigger three times. One bullet went through a wall, while the other two went through an unsuspecting Adam. It seemed so pathetic and foolish to think of a 17 year old guy who had all the money in the world, and all the respect from his peers of shooting somebody-at a party. Where obviously there were going to be witnesses. I guess we'll never know what went on in Mark's head that night- drunk or not. He was sent to an out of state prison for minors, and to this day we don't know where he went. We as in Adam and I.

Yes, I ended up marrying Adam. Shocking for some, not for others. I don't think my mother had been happy with my decision, especially when I moved out at 18 to live with him. But I didn't care about her opinion. I felt rebellious and I also knew that she wouldn't leave Greg over me, so that was my final decision.



I heard Adam's footsteps coming down the stairs. He looked a lot tamer than he did when we were in high school. Well, except for the countless tattoos he had engraved on his body. He even convinced me in getting a small "painless" butterfly on my ankle. Sometimes I missed the green hair and the little eyebrow barbell that made his sharp features even sexier, but I guess everybody changes over time.

"I feel clean and fuckable!"

Or not.

Adam walked over to me, and I could almost distinguish the slight limp he had in his right leg. That slight limp always brought back unwanted memories.

"When am I going to get to read that?"

"You read?" I joked, feeling like I was 17 again.

"Ha ha. Clem, you're just too much," Adam replied cynically.

I kissed his lips, and he proceeded to get playful when Sandra appeared in the doorway.

"Mama, dada, play!"

"Almost forgot," he sighed. "I'd like to play too Sandra."

Sandra giggled, her rosy cheeks grinning ear to ear as she hobbled over to him.

Adam groaned, "oh no, I didn't mean with you," he said under his breath.

I laughed. It was another typical day at the Whitbury residence.

A week later:

I had neared the last couple of pages of my autobiography. I sipped my glass of Kool-Aid, which had always helped me think and proceed writing even when I had writers block.

I decided to take a break, and flipped on the TV. It was a basketball game. Not an avid basketball fan, I decided to watch anyways. That's when I saw him. At first, I couldn't tell if my eyes were playing tricks on me. I slipped on my glasses, and focused on the basketball player who distinguished himself from the rest. For one, he was about a head shorter. But I recognized the lean body. The lanky legs. The toned arms. And after the slick player, playing for the Sacramento Kings scored a three pointer and the camera did a close up of his face, I saw the brilliant green eyes of Evan Stone.

He had made it big. He was playing in the NBA. He was successful. He was gorgeous. The cameraman zoomed in on him again, and he shot his world- famous smile. The one I had fallen in love with. It seemed as if he knew that I was watching the game. We had completely lost touch after high school. He made a no-show at the high school reunion that had been held 2 years ago. I was very disappointed; especially since Kara had moved somewhere in Canada and I couldn't reach her. I knew that I would probably never in my life see Evan again, which only made me sad. After all, he had made me into the person I was now. Of course, I had a husband I was in love with now. But it would be great to see my Evan again. After prom, he had left without saying goodbye and perhaps that was what had hurt the most. The fact that he didn't want to keep in touch with me.

Tears started to steam down my cheeks just as Sandra entered the room.

"Mama, what's wrong?" She asked, in her innocent voice.

"Nothing," I said, wiping my eyes with my sleeve. "Mommy saw a friend she hadn't seen for a long time on TV."

"Wowie," she said, and then with her two-year-old attention pan she got distracted and started to roll on the ground.

Although my brief encounter with Evan had brought back painful memories, and made me doubt my relationship with Adam for a split second, a little bit of good did come out of it. I finally knew how to end the story of my life.



Evan Stone grew up to become a famous basketball player, playing for the Sacramento Kings. Perhaps he will look back on his high school years one day and remember me and perhaps he won't. But I know that I will never forget him. After all, they do say that it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them.



My story was finally complete.


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