Author's Notes: This ended up being very true. I will avoid this guy's name, because anyone who knows me knows who it's about, and if I hit anyone with this and it strikes a heart chord, I'd rather know personally and help you with the decapitation process.

First Attempted Dream Interpretation

It's very rare when I dream of something other than
My Hell, the sensory-deprivation in a room of
Pure white solitude.
Yet I have dreamed of something different.
Instead of white, all I saw was black for a
Long time.
It seemed to take forever before I saw a light...
The light outlined a human body, features I couldn't see.
When the light brightened, I could begin to see
Familiar features...
Somewhat short black hair...
Glimmering blue eyes...
A tall man stood before me, the name to his face
Evading my mind.
I recognized him soon after.
I knew him. A close friend I'll never forget.
And then I felt cold steel under my chin.
He was right in front of me.
A gun was under my chin, barrel up.
And I was afraid. I felt fear.
A smile spread across his face as he stared into my eyes.
I had been betrayed by one of my closest friends
And my deepest love.
'Why?' was all I could say.

End of the dream.
I was killed by my love.