a tear

it rolls silently down my face

that says enough without saying a word

the pearly water that represents emotion

love, hate, sadness, happiness

I cry …

I cry like I have never cried before

the emotions swirling

around and around me

anger, frustration

I'm falling

falling down from my pedestal in the sky

my throne of love

swirling around and around

love and hate

my heart breaks …

you don't seem to care

care about what you are doing

how you are hurting me

every word you say

every action you do

jabs this knife into my still bleeding heart

a tear falls

it shatters when it hits the ground

shatters into a million pieces

a million pieces …

like my heart did when you tossed it carelessly away

a million pieces …

they will never be together again

never the same

never … is a long time

you threw me away

threw me like a paper doll

once loved, now unimportant

but my heart is still whole

I still love you

I still love you

the tears flow silently

because silence is the best thing for me

the silence of a breath

the silence of a painful heartbeat

the silence of us

love and hate

swirling still around me

a rampaging hurricane

a fierceful storm

a tempest of my emotions

swirling, raging, hurting

the pieces of my heart spinning around me

a million pieces …

all because of you

your actions, your thoughts

never thinking about what could happen

happen to you

happen to me

what happened to us

I hate you for this

I hate you with such a passion from which I have loved you …

but I don't

I still love you

you make me cry

you make me depressed

you make me hate you

but I still love you

love you like you used to love me

I still love you

another tear slides silently down my face

I wipe it away

not wanting you to see my weakness