It's just a normal, typical day in the "A" Hall, room A10.

Um, a Normal day in Dryader A Hall. On 2nd semester moving day.
"Andy?" Another girl popped her head in the room. "Are you Andy Brier?"
"Yo! I'm Andrea Brier, call me Andy, please." This girl obviously was a transfer. She was dressed too neatly, to prim and proper. There was a creative side to her Andy could tell...her hair was Pink. "Cotton Candy Pink. Barbie's Dream House Pink. I hate pink." Andrea thought.
"I'm Autumn, Your roommate. Creative Writing Major."

She struggled to get the door open, her arms full of boxes and cords. I quickly got off my bed and took the couple of top boxes off her hands, and set them on the desk.

"Your beds right there hon. Where ya from?"
"Uh..." she let the rest of the stuff fall onto the bed, " truthfully, I'm from New York, but I spent last semester in Japan. I'm second Semester Soph."

Oh great, so she's not used to normal schools anymore, "Same here. Got any more stuff?"
"Just the computer, and food, oh and a microwave." Perfect! I thought, it'll go great with my freezer. At least this Autumn girl will be good for something.

"I'll grab the Boxes." They walked down the stairs, and out to her car. Little tiny car so naturally she would...yep Autumn had a laptop. That's when it hit her...a creative writing major. The craziest of all the majors when it came to lifestyles, of course, Andrea was a "I want it all" major a.k.a. culture studies, which meant, she was willing to try anything at least once. In the name of education of course, Andy always said.
"What the..." Autumn said, pointing to a rapidly falling flaming object.
"Oh that's "G" 45. They're pyros." The object crashed down and Andy didn't even blink. "Oh they finally got the couch to light."
"Couch..." Autumns eyes widened more than possible, " I have a lot to get used to."

End chapter one

Chapter 2.

Autumns stuff was easily put away, because...she didn't have much. Incredibly she was a minimalist who liked to write. But when it came to books, she was most definitely not a minimalist. At last count there were over 150 non-school books now in a very cramped bookshelf and boxes. Andrea felt like she was drowning in books. Autumn also seemed intent on alphabetizing the entire collection. Not that this was bad, Andy's last roommate was obsessed with abacuses. She collected them, used them for Advanced math courses, it drove the Hall nuts. Books, Andrea decided, she could handle. You can't do math with books. Unless you wanted to count them.

"You do have your class schedule right, Autumn?"
"Hai! I mean yes. Lots of fun classes. Creative Writing 221, Analytical thinking for Dummies, Potted plants for fun and profit, Philosophy 221 and Public Speaking."

Now Andy blinked, "That's very interesting." She turned around and looked out the window. "So's that." Another burning object, looked like...G45's door. Those guys will burn anything.


Yep, just another normal day in the Dryader Dorms of BonaFide University.

"School Sucks." My little sister said. Nina was only in high school, and therefore she was imprisioned.
"Oh Nina, it changes. Remember, High School is hell."

Nina was visiting from home. I don't like people from home visiting me but Nina's okay. She at least, doesn't nag me about having a messy room. Autumn took a liking to Nina as she was still unpacking. Nina was holding all her clothes.
"Autumn, I'm not a coat rack!" my little sister complained
"Oh! But you look so much like one!" Okay so she did have her arms held out and all of a sudden clothes piled on top of her, so she really did look like a clothes rack.