1 Isn’t Meant


Angry words,

Hurting me,



In the mist of pain,

Searing words,

That hurt me.

Don’t understand,

Me or my thoughts,

White hot anger,

Towards you.

You yell and threaten,

More angry words,

Don’t let me explain,

When will you ever understand.

It wasn’t my fault,

Only yours,

You started it all,

Not me.

We started to fight,


You hit me,

I lost.

No more angry words,

No more threatening,

No more anger,

No more pain.

You went too far,

Now I’ll have no more stress,

The hit was a little too hard,

I didn’t make it.

I hit the ground hard,

Pain, for just a second,

Then blood,


I heard your screaming,

You didn’t know,

Just kept screaming,

Still, the screaming…

Even now,

When I am dead and not of that world,

I still hear it,

The screaming.

It seems… that peace, isn’t meant for me.

By: Serendipity