she can't let go

Can't find peace

Searching endlessly

Can't stop searching

Seeking, finding answers

Never ending circle


All this, everything,


The comfort of bigger arms

Not comforting, snaking,

Suffocating her

she's been misunderstood

People shove their two cents at her

Can't reject

Doesn't know how

Tries to shed her coat

Emerge slowly from murky water

To take a breath

Her pain is unbearable

Doubtfully she walks

Without purpose

She is like a robot

Fed instructions

She wants his freedom

Wants to be herself

Show off her humanity

She's still searching

For it

Can't find it in herself

Can't see into her own soul

Her own heart

Reading and hearing

All that others think

She is frustrated

She can't find someone who feels the same way

She walks outside

Can't feel the rain

She looks up to see a rainbow

She's tried so hard

She falls