Chapter 1

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Casey slowly walked in her new room at her brother's house. The week had flown by her. She went through it numbly. There was the funeral, then her moving to her brother's house with his fiancée, Rosemary. Her brother, Jon, would take care of the financial business with the banks and house. She had slowly but surely finished unpacking all her stuff and putting it in her room. She had felt more at home when Jon brought in all her furniture and her bed. She had put up all her posters, to where it looked like her old room. It was like she had no wall, it was all made of posters and pictures. There was one bare spot where she was going to put her mirror.

Tomorrow Casey had to get ready for her first day of her new high school, Rainbow High School. It was a good thing it was the very beginning of the year, not the middle or end. She hoped to make friends and get into the school's sports and extra curricular activities. Casey loved soccer, track, and football. She liked basketball too, but not as much as she did the other sports. She was very smart, as straight A, high honors student. She was getting ready for bed, when her brother showed up at her door.

"Are you doing ok?" he asked.

"Yeah…just a little nervous about school tomorrow." She looked at him.

He stared back, "You'll be ok. You always have been. You took mom's death and all really well." She nodded. "Well, goodnight…"he said, walking away. It had been such a tiring day that she was almost asleep before her head hit the pillow.

She got up at 5:30, took a shower, picked out her best clothes, and put her hair up. She put some light makeup on, and by 6:00 a.m. she was down cooking herself breakfast. Casey heard some mumbling and her brother walked down the stairs. "Why are you up so early?" he asked.

"Uh, school." Casey stated as if it was the plainest answer in the world.

"Oh, shit! I mean, shoot." He said as Rosemary walked down the stairs.

"Hello Rosemary," Casey said, "will one of you take me to school?"

An hour later she was getting out of Jon's car. "Thanks!" she said, slamming the door. She slowly walked through the big doors, clutching her blue binder. She walked into the office and told them her name. The principal, Mrs. Shaljo showed her around the school, then handed her a schedule. She slowly read it.

1st hour- Study Hall- Mrs. Jesse

2nd hour- Pre Chemistry/Pre Physics- Mr. Brunner

3rd hour- Social Studies- Mr. Dwyer

4th- Physical Education- Mrs. Kirk

5th hour- Geometry- Ms. Yarnell

6th hour- Language- Mrs. Jesse

7th hour-Art- Mr. Cook

8th hour- Literature- Mrs. Jesse

4th quarter health- Mr. Eaton

*Well, that should be easy to remember.* she thought and looked down on the list.

Locker # - 2017- Locker combo- 46-12-8

P.E. locker- 386- Combo- 27-17-27

A fuzzy noise came on the P.A. system, and the nasal voice of the principal sounded. "All students report the gym." When she got to the gym, she got looks and whispers. "Everyone be quiet." The principal said. "I welcome you all to the Rainbow High School, and I hoe this is a good year with all the smart new freshmen we have." She said, looking over to the freshman section of the bleachers. "As always," she continued, "I expect good behavior, and the rules are the same. I hope that you all have a good year. You are dismissed. Go to your first hour class." She said, and with that, Casey went to her study hall room.

She got put in the back of the room, and the teacher, Mrs. Jesse, called her to the front. "Class, this is our new student, Casey. Make her feel welcome, and show her around." She said, and let her go back to her chair. "Oh, and Casey, you can go to the library to pick out a book to read." She said, and gave Casey a library pass.

She was filing through the books and found the one she wanted. It was the 715 page long "White Apache". She went to the check out lane and the librarian stamped it. It was due in two weeks. * Oh, I will have it done in three days.* she thought, walking back to the study hall room.

On her way to 2nd hour, three girls stopped her. "Hello. My name is Gina Samuels, and these are my friends, Jolene Sumter, and Bailey Montgomery. My dad owns the Samuel Music Corporation. I'm sure you have heard of it." The short blonde girl with too much makeup said. The other girl, Jolene, had short, light brown hair with blonde sun streaks in it. She wore a lot of makeup, but not as much as Gina. The last girl, Bailey, Had long crayon blonde hair. She also had a lot of makeup on. You could easily tell who had the richer parents of the three, Gina Samuels. All three had the all the new clothes, wore them in the new style, the new hairdos, and the new makeup. Casey had some old flare jeans, a black tank top on, and her hair pulled up in a tight bun. She was all the sudden very self-conscious of herself.

"Uh…no, not off the top of my head. Sorry." She said as the bell rang. "Well, I got to get to class." And she turned and walked to the science room.

They got their books and their partners for the year on projects and labs. The science teacher like to pair up the tallest boy and girl, the shortest boy and girl, and then hair color, eye color, t-shirt color, etc. Since Casey was the tallest girl in her grade now, she got paired up with the tallest boy, Zach Hughes. He was a good 5 inches taller than her. "Ok, now that we have everyone paired up, here is your first worksheet. It probably won't be for a grade, it's just to see how much you know and remember. Get started. Turn it in at the eight minute bell." Mr. Brunner said.

Casey stood there, studying Zach. He was extremely tall, really long legs, like her. (She had a short back, long, long legs.) He had light brown short brown hair. It wasn't spiked because there wasn't enough to spike. He had ocean blue eyes and long, dark brown eye lashes. * He has the prettiest blue eyes.* she thought. He had muscular arms and legs, and a good looking face. *He is hot.* she thought. She was jarred out of her thoughts by his voice. "Where do we start?" he asked. *He has the perfect voice! And pretty, straight white teeth!* She thought giddily.

"Uh, let me look." She said, glancing at the paper. "Well, the answer to number one is H=mLv, the heat of fusion. I think." She said, writing it down.

"So, uh, where were you from?" he asked, starting a conversation.

"Sullivan, Illinois." She said.

"Never heard of it."

"You wouldn't of. It is like Small Town U.S.A." she chuckled. "I know the answer to number two. It's the point of gravity. It would be, by the drawing, in the center of the object. No wait, look at the mass, it would be in the top, left hand corner." She said, writing the answer down.

"You're smart." Zach blurted out.

She looked up and smiled at him, "Thank you."

They slowly answered all the questions, and turned it in before the eight minute bell. So, they had time to chat. Casey and Zach talked about what they liked, their favorite food, and their favorite class. When the bell rang, Zach said goodbye, and walked away. Casey turned and saw the three girls that stopped her in the hallway glaring at her. She shrugged it off, and walked to her locker.

She walked into social studies, and the bell rang. Mr. Dwyer greeted them, and gave them their seating arrangement, and Casey then noticed that Zach was in her class. She sat right behind him. "Hello again." She said, as he looked at her. In this class, it was almost all freshmen, but there were a couple of sophomores, juniors, and one senior. Mr. Dwyer started to state the class rules, and what he was expecting out each student, and Casey could tell this was going to be a boring class. By the time class ended, they all had their books, and they had their first homework assignment.

Casey walked out, and someone tapped her shoulder. She turned and it was Zach. "Hey, what class do you have next?"

"P.E." she said.

"Cool, me too!"

"Well, see you there!" she said, going to her locker. She put her stuff away and went to the gymnasium. In the hour, Mrs. Kirk told them the rules; they got their locks, and got their clothes. By the time they were done class was over. She slowly walked to lunch, wondering what horrible items that they called food there was to eat. She walked in. The first day they had chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. * That looks so…yummy…*she thought, making a look of disgust.

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