Fade in

A woman is knelling on the floor with tears in her eyes. Behind her is a man with a gun her back, aimed at her heart. The women starts to cry but tries to holds back the noise, she bites her lip.

Man: Shut up woman! I’ll shoot you right now, I swear, I blow your fucking head off right now!

Woman falls over crying

Man: Get the fuck up! I’m gonna cut your god damn head off if you don’t get back on your fucking feet.

Woman doesn’t get up

Man: Don’t make me kick your fucking nuts off!

Woman stops crying, the side of her face is on the ground and she talks in a confused tone

Woman: Um, women don’t have nuts….

Man: What! They don’t?

Woman: Um, nope, we don’t…

Man: Um, what do you have then?

Woman: Gonads….

Man looks confused

Man: Gonads? What the fuck are those!

Woman: Um, there by the pelvis.

Man: Really?

Woman: Yep

Cuts to them both looking in a science book.

Man: Well I’ll be damned! Gonads!

Woman: Well, there you go.

Man: But where can I learn more?

Woman: I guess your local library.

Man stands up

Man: Then I’m off!

Man runs out door

Woman waves

Woman: Bye!

Announcer: Yes even in the worst situation, your local library can help!