Trailer: Jamey: Hey everyone, this is a good story ham baby monkey , right squid faced ringo? Ringo: Indeed it will be a great episode, it makes me want to crank out of joy! Jamey: I haven’t had this much fun since we bought the talking wallpaper! Ringo: Prepare for uncontrollable joy! Next episode Jamey and the squid face Ringo!

Jamey and the squid face Ringo!

Jamey is a sailor, sadly his parents gave him a girl’s name, and he likes eating coffee tables for their rich coffee flavor! The squid faced Ringo hate minorities, the elderly, and car waxes made of shrimp. Meanwhile, the evil lord Tugboat plans to call aliens to kill our creamy flavored duo! BUY ME A TROPHY! So we find a giant walking pen also know as Inky, our heroes’ neighbor. The fish flops, do you listen? The aliens hear Tugboat’s cry and go to the planet to destroy Jamey and the squid faced Ringo.

Jamey lit his hair on fire and did the cookie dance (the dance of cookies). I agree, but bring me the head of the Pillsbury DoughBoy! The aliens came down and zapped our friends on board and gave them the look! John Tesh must be spinning in his grave. The squid faced Ringo was so scared that he vomited up his Irish accent. Have I said too much, or not enough? The aliens began to scream at them to save them from Lord Tugboat’s subliminal messages. Don’t look at me, it was your idea to steal the Popes hat. Jamey handed the aliens a Kenny G tape, soon his smooth sounds saved them, and for helping them they a gold green type feeling. I have been stealing your smart from you since you started reading this.

Lord Tugboat watched in disappointment as his plan had failed to kill them. It was extra sad because it was almost fifteen years to the day that he trapped his fear of god in the TV. So anyway, me and this penguin are killing each other! The garbage men refused to take it until fifteen years had passed. Eat the chalk you know you wanna. While Tugboat glared at the TV, the TV plugged itself in, suddenly he saw a brown-orange background with the silhouette of a man, and whenever he opened his mouth you could see the white inside. Sometimes when I don’t eat food for days, my stomach really hurts for some reason, but food heals that.

The TV began to bounce up and down coming towards Tugboat, the TV was like a guard dog with the electrical cord as a leash. Math is like candy, except math is stupid and hard, and I like candy. The silhouette man in the TV didn’t move but he didn’t need to because the TV did for him, he was screaming, “You need me! I am your fear! Fear me! AAAAHHHHHH!â€