I sit myself down and ask her, do you like Eminem? No, of course not is her reply. I do I say. She stares at me in awe, I thought you'd kill me if I said yes, he's a stupid homophobe, Ms. Gay Rights Advocate. I dunno I say, its kinda like South Park I think he's making fun of society. He says stuff no one else would. She sits, incredulous.

I don't like the Catholic Church. No, I say. We think that the Catholic Church was corrupt and there are a number of things that we disagree with. How come you can say that, but I cant? Because I say it everyday apparently, and they don't. I do have a point, according to one her, because it would be hypocritical if they could and I can't (THANK YOU ELEANOR!)

After English Class, two shes and I sit discussing life and religion. SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Well, I say, discussing another girl, she spells her name with a K, because once you're Wiccan you can change your name, you know. Shes laugh. The spelling of a name can change how a name sounds, I say. Shes agree. You know, that's the great thing about Wicca, you can believe whatever you want, she says. The other she says, I could be a Christian witch. Well do you believe in magick? Well, yeah I believe in a force…but it's too much to think about! Yes, I agree.

What does a soul look like, what is carried over from life to life, one she asks. Energy, it is the spirit of life, I think. You know, your personality, you learn lessons over life and are placed accordingly, is more like it, I think, I say, I mean why else would I have to be stuck with this?

She says, I don't think animals have souls. I say, I think they have 'baby' souls. What about ants, one she asks. The other she says, you know if ants were given weapons they could destroy the world? Nazi ants! With the little…. I motion to my head. One she and I erupt in laughter and the little…. I pint to my upper lip….The other she doesn't understand. We laugh more.

She says, I don't understand how people could be atheists. There's too much 'random' coincidence for there not to be such a power. The more I study science and learn, the more spiritual I become, I say, everything's too entangled. It's not our place to know everything.

Right, do you believe in other life away from this Earth and reality? She asks. Definitely! Well, I think so, because God could control so much….What if there's a different God for each universe? AHH! She says, it's too much to think about. Exactly.

Do you believe in angels? No, say one she and I. That's god/goddesses/spirit's job. It would be undermining that power. One she nods in agreement. The other she says, it would be cool.

I have to go and one she has to go to the computer lab. We depart and for a little while I am overcome with a sense of peace.