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Father Said

when she was 5
her father said she was a good girl
cause she followed the rules and got good grades

when she was 10
her father said that she needed to do better in school
cause she was the only 'good' kid left in the family

when she was 15
her father said that she was a disappointment
she had let her grades fall and she hung out with the 'wrong' crowd
he didn't want both his kids to become failures, but they were

so when she was 20
she took her life
and at her funeral her father said that he was the failure
cause she was gone
but he was the perfect father
had no clue where he went wrong

Yo. If you feel the urge to take my poem (not sure why you would) I suggest you dispose of that feeling. It's one of the reasons i don't nescessarily like posting poetry. Cause people take with out asking, which is bad.

But, hey, if i do find out you've taken it, i consider you weed. Cause ill come find you, roll you, then smoke you and get high off you stupid ass.

haha. Toodles