A/N: This is a sonnet I wrote for a school assignment, and I thought it turned out really good. Please, no criticism, constructive or otherwise. Thank you. ~Star~

Soft cool night air soothes the unkind day's wounds

Darkness hides my flaws and I am perfect

I no longer am chased by the sun's hounds

My face in the glittering moon reflects.

Moonlight lifts my soul and I fly away

The ground is silver, the ground is green

The trees are black, not like the trees of day

Their black leaves fall on my body unseen.

On the ground I lay, watch the night go by

Pondering wolves in the night running swift

Not being like them makes my spirit cry

The clouds across the moon do drift.

Darkness wraps around me like a blanket

The glass was half full before I drank it.