A/N: Well, again I say religion class is the best place to write angsty poetry. We were talking about ‘original in’, thus the inspiration for this piece. Like always, it is dedicated to my good friend cat-eyed-gypsy.

Thee Shall be Cast Down

I am the dark that lurks, in every soul, in every mind

The tiny shred of evil that doth cling and bind

No amount of goodness, no love or care or light,

Can ever truly drive me out, I am darkness, I am spite

Everyone is evil, thee were born with me

Never can thee escape, with me thou always be

Thou thinkst now that by running, thee will reach the cleansing dawn,

No my friend, they never shall, the lion ate the fawn.

And then one day thee heaven bound

This escape thee thinks thee found?

Out of darkness, into mind…

Thee shall be cast down.