Asu E No Doa Wo Tatake (Knocking On The Door Towards Tomorrow)

By: Laura Cullell

Flashback! Kagayaku kaze (Flashback! Shining Winds)

Flashback! Sekai wo kakenukeru (Flashback! Blow across the Earth)

Don’t Stop! Furimukanai (Don’t Stop! There’s no turning back)

Don’t Stop! Dare mo tomerarenai (Don’t Stop! Nobody can stop it)

Ebony. A dark colour representing all that is evil. That colour always send shivers down my spine. It always reminds me of all the times I spent in and eternal darkness, all alone searching for my soul. It also reminds me of his eyes. Those dark, emotionless eyes that would pierce through my very skin. It was as if he could see right through me. Times of light no longer exists in my world. There are no more emotions left to feel. I have a shattered soul. There is no turning back, how can the past be changed? How can I undo what was already done? I can’t, that would be impossible. I am doomed to forever suffering in the confinements of my eternal solitude.

I am a worthless being, with no sole purpose in this world, he took it all away. He stripped me of everything I had with those harsh words, bloody whippings and sadistic ways of torture. Supposedly all for love? I might as well burn in an inferno and let my ashes scatter the Earth. I must’ve been really stupid to fall for all of his lies, his smiles, pathetic excuses, and to obey his every whim. I was his slave. I suppose in a way I still am, a worthless whipped slave who really is nothing without a master.

Jibun dake ni wakaru puraido kakete (Risking the pride known only to myself)

Inochi made moteasonde ikite iru (I live, toying along with life)

Me no mae no yume yori (Rather the dream, right before your eyes)

Kiwadoi geemu wo motome (Seek a dangerous Game)

Ore-tachi wa haruka na asu e no (We knock on the door)

Doa wo tataite 'ru (Towards A distant Tomorrow)

What little pride I have in anything, what little use I am to the world. Everyday I wake up on the ground of some dark alley, not knowing anything, not wanting to know. I am just there, but in a subconscious way I’m not. His constant abuse has driven me to insanity. I really am a willing slave, I am willing to submit to anyone who shows me affection. I am so naïve sometimes, and pathetic. I live a dangerous life, being a pawn controlled by the king and queen which in my case is the person I though had love in his heart.

It is night again, meaning tomorrow is distant once again. Will I ever reach my end? All those times he abused me, my body, tortured me. He even went as far to permanently burn my face to remind me that I and his belonging. His toy. I would always answer to him, knock on his door, having to ask him for everything. I have been through everything. I’m in my own personal hell. Lucky me.

I’m tired. Tired of everything. I’m sick of being abused, sick of living each day knowing that tomorrow will be the same, searching for a shattered soul, scattered around the world. I’m sick of not being able to feel any emotions. All I feel now is a numbness. He took it all away from me. How my eyes stung with tears of blood each time he would curse at me, then cut me with a knife. It drove me to the edge how after the whole scenario was over he would place tender kisses on my bruised and battered lips, pretending nothing happened. Yet his glare still remained. It will forever remain in my memory. Cold black eyes, staring at me with hatred.

Flash Back! Dare no tame ni (For Whom)

Flash Back! Sekai wa mawaru no ka (Does The World Turn)

Don’t Stop! Kotae wa nai (There is no answer)

Don’t Stop! Da kara sagashi ni yuku (So let’s go searching)

Kodoku dake ga ore wo tsutsumu yoru ni wa (In the night where solitude alone surrounds me)

Yoake made hoshi wo kazoete sugosou (Let’s Count The Stars till morning)

As I stare across this plain known as Earth it would remind me of all the times I would wonder if such a powerful being such as Allah himself existed. Of course then I was tricked by the devil himself by temptation. I believed that he loved me, his flawless beauty, his perfection and smiles would often make me dizzy. How those days I miss where I would go star gazing in the summer and count the dim ones until noon.

There are times when I feel that solitude, without a form or being has slowly formed a thick wall of solitude around me. There are billions of people here, but I’m alone. Why did I abandon everything? Not only did I sacrifice everything but I abandoned my true being. I lost it. Forever. I’m not going to search anymore.

Moeagaru honoo ga (the burning flame)

Hitomi wo akaku someru (Tinges the eyes red)

Gin'iro no tsubasa de kirameku (Gleaming with Silver Wings)

Yume wo oikakeru (I pursue dreams)

Jiyuu to iu kaze ni kokoro sarashite (My heart is stuck by the wind called freedom)

Hikari yori hayaku (Faster than light)

Sora e maiagare oh yea! (Fly to the sky oh yeah!)

Staring out into the horizon I realize that I can be free. I’m pathetic, staying out here the whole night. I’m lucky I ran far Away from him. Ran away to another place, far, far away, away from his kind, those beautiful, perfect demons. I guess I should be grateful that I’m alive. Guess what? I’m detesting every minute.

Could I even be considered a person anymore? I’ve sunken so low, there’s no description for me. Luckily I have discovered a way out. No more pain, and is face won’t appear in my mind every time I have a thought. I can finally be free. I can fly away from all of this. All I have to do is die. Now death isn’t so bad after all I’ve been through, it seems like a paradise now. I’m sorry I ever learned to love such a demon.

Me no mae no yume yori (Rather the dream before your eyes)

Kiwadoi geemu wo motome (Seek a Dangerous game)

Ore-tachi wa haruka na asu e no (We knock on the door)

Doa wo tataite 'ru (Towards a distant tomorrow)

Owari (End)

Japanese Lyricist = Andou Yoshihiko

Composer = Iwasaka Shikyou

Singer = Ishino Ryuuzou