Author's Note: This is the first original poetry that I have ever posted online, so I thought 'why not post something most of the people at my school hated?' J I got the idea for it just from listening to some of the girls at my school talking, but most of it is just fragmented thoughts so it probably won't make sense, but please read and review anyway.


Just tear down the walls surrounding your soul,

Protecting it from all (including yourself), with manicured nails

Nothing has touched it, but it still isn't whole

It's only a shadow,

Locked in the darkness; forbidden to grow

So on your lovely face of porcelain

No lines of emotion would show

And how is there comfort

When you push all away?

You're just blind to the worry and pain

Caused by each seed you plant, thinking it play;

Dropping the rumor, creating the fights…

If you could only glimpse your heart

…Or can you see what isn't really there?

Maybe the weaving emotions had no place to start

When they drowned in the cold amber liquid that runs in your veins

While you are unable to escape

Is the pain not horrific?

When all you may do is sit still to watch emotions' rape

And give a false giggle

Your heart is of glass, fragile and thin,

But you can still be saved

If you only tear down the walls, and let someone in…