Everything Except My Light

Do you want to swim?
I can arrange it,
In a pool of my tears.
I've got enough of them,
To have you bathe for years.
Do you want some ice?
It's not hard to acquire,
With the chips of my heart.
I ask you not to take to alot,
I haven't many with which to part.
Do you want some space?
I'll give you all I have,
Left from the vacancy of my spirit.
I can give you plenty,
So I don't have to fear it.
Do you want a drink?
I can fill your need,
With my spilled and tainted blood.
It no longer warms my body,
This thin and frozen flood.
Do you want some food?
I can offer it,
With my lifeless and broken body.
What's worthless to me you can savor,
Though my flesh be marred and shoddy.
Do you want entertainment?
I can show you it,
On the screen of my hardened eyes.
The tornado of my thoughts and emotions,
Can for centuries keep you in surprise.
Do you want a bit of light?
I'm sorry I must decline,
My scarred soul is all that keeps me sane.
To shelter me from the impending darkness,
This faded brightness is all I've managed to maintain.
Icy B. Discordia