Life isn't easy

People being demanding.

Not being able

To live up to their expectations.

Can't be a perfect little angel


Life is hard enough

Than to have

People jumping down

Your throat

Telling you what to be,

What to do.

What's wrong.

What's right.

Let me experience

What I want to experience!

Stop trying to ruin my life.

All you're doing

Is driving me away.

Further & further

Out of reach.

Soon I won't even

Be here.

You're smothering me!

Go away

Before I scream.

I can't be

What you want

Me to be.

I can only be


I have my own


My own goals.

If you don't like them,

Well… Shove it.

Deal with it.

It's what makes

Me happy.

That's what

You want, right?

Well stop smothering me.

I'm not a little girl anymore.

I'm not fragile.

I won't break.

I can defend myself.

All I need is support.

From you.

That's all.

© Jennifer Morgen