Who Cares...

Who cares

About what I do or say

Who cares?

Who cares if I take another life

It's just one life, what harm could it do?

Who cares if I steal and rob

It's a dog eat dog world out there, get used to it.

Who cares if I hijack cars

It's every man for himself.

Who cares if I terrorize others

It's just harmless fun...

Who cares if my friends abandoned me

Who needs them.

Who cares if my family abandoned me

Could care less if they got raped and killed

Who cares if I go to prison

It's just another place to make friends.

Who cares if I go insane

It's fun experimenting new things.

Who cares if I get the electric chair

It's just making my life a lot easier.

Who cares if God or Lucifer welcomes me

Could care less to whom accepts me.

Who really cares?

Who cares...