A/N Okay... This isn't the first of it's type... It was created by the Singing Sorceresses (7 quite loony teenage checks) at a sleepover at Litzy's. We were bored, so I told about how in English we had a "write around" (where one person starts a story, then passes it on to the next person who continues it.) I expected a real story... But no such luck. You'll see... This is the one I started and thus got stuck with.

Echo: The stranger swayed, not ten feet from warmth, and I prayed that she was light, for she gave me the distinct impression that I would have to catch her and carry her to warmth. I crossed the distance between us, hands at my sides, hoping she would recognize the gesture of peace. There is nothing quite like being stabbed by someone you are trying to help.

Star: Just then, Abby started making out with herself. The character that Echo was previousl describing shall be from now on referred to as "dude," entered the "warmth,"( which from now on shall be referred to as the Sear's Tower.) and looked up at the ceiling where Bean was stuck. "I'm STILL stuck to the ceiling!" Did you know that packing peanuts are non-toxic? Apparantly they also dissolve in water. Moony is a dork.

Moony: Moont turned and glared at Star, then went back to painting her boyfriend's pancreas lime green. The penguin entered the Sears Tower in a chartrouse way. It looked around, noting the green texture of the interior and the lingering scent of pine sol. It pulled a TupperWear container out of its pocket and fired it into the air, causing several pedestrains to...

Litzy: ... totally and utterly spontaniously combust. Moony was among the combustables. Taxes were lowered because we no longer needed a military to protect ourselves from the horror. So we gather up her particles and used our non existant technology to transport to the future and put her back together, although her arm was still stuck 300 years in the past.

Tania: I like cheese. And chipmunks. Chipmunks will take over the world! Run for your lives!

Spookie: (A/N Unfortunatly, Spookie's entry was largely comprised of chemistry equations, making it diffucult to type up... I shall summarize.) The equation for ethonal can be found on page 666 of the chemistry book... Coincidence? I think not. Highly combustable. heehee, ethanol explodes! Ethonal does something, like make your liver disintigrate. Nice... And the geese cheered some more.

Bean: Well, since I have NO ideas, I will write whatever I please. So... And I have no idea what that'll be. I think this sounds more like a letter than a story. Agree?


*evil laughter*

From the cruiser.