A/N: Well, Once again, I’ve been filling up the time between chapters of my big stories by writing morbid poetry. I hope you enjoy this, although I’m not sure enjoy is quite the proper term… Dedicated to cat-eyed-gypsy and her wonderfully inspiring angst poems.

Singing Quiet Songs of Silence

I’m alone now in this world of tears

Surrounded my growing fears

The world spreading ‘round is gray

Always dusk and never day

There is no help for me to find

No hope for me to seek and bind

How long will I be trapped in here

So cold and dark, so full of fear

Please come and free me if you can

But I’m not sure how far I ran

Nothing moves, the air is still

My world is crumbling with my will

And I sit here in this lifeless plain

My will to live begins to drain

I look out at the spreading gloom

Sadly contemplate my doom

In a world filled with violence

Singing quiet songs of silence