I Wish

When I look into you

I could see my reflection

The one I need to see

Half of what it should be

Because I’m running out of time

To get to my safety place

You don’t lie

When I see me in you

Pushing me to my limits

And beyond all that I hold

I watch how high I go

Making sure I don’t get to low

Just the right number you whisper

Is it 80?

I can’t remember

I seem to be forgetting a lot lately

I’m so tired these days

I just need to sleep

But you keep my on track

Reminding me

Pushing me till I break

To continue on my quest

As you look over my body

And tell me to hurry

I’m going as fast as possible

But my friends are starting to wonder

But don’t you dare ask

I’m having enough trouble controlling me

So please just be

I love you for telling me the truth

Showing me how to be

I just wish it wouldn’t take up all my time

That it could just be

But most of all

I wish

To all my friends that you’d notice

Instead of standing in front of this mirror

Revealing my naked body

Making fun of me

Reflecting the real me