Story Name: The Lycanthrope ©

Rating: PG for violence

Copyrights: Claudia Yánez. It is forbidden to use or reproduce any part of the story (or any character) without permission from the author. (In short: I own everything and you have to contact me if you want to borrow something!)

Author: C.V. Yánez M.


'Let the dark in. Hear the dark within'

It was early in the morning. About 6:00 A.M. but the clouds outside the apartment made it look like midnight. The street was lonely, dark, cold and dreadful. The building, a small old building with only 6 apartments, had the same description to all the buildings in the street, and I dare say, the city. My room, being the smallest of all had only a small window. Its curtains blocked all the moonlight available during that autumn.

'Let the dark in. Surrender to the dark within' The voice said. I knew I was awake, but my eyes could not open, my body was not reacting to my wishes! I felt like screaming, but my mouth wouldn't obey. What was this? Where was I? Who was the owner of that horrible voice?

Suddenly I felt pain, pure and utter pain in the right side of my body. The voice now louder than ever before, acompanied by drumbs like in a song of 'Korn' or some other band like that

'Let the Dark in. Kneel to the dark within!'

And then, the pain dissapeared. Not totally, my body still ached and I could still feel it, like something you know that has to hurt but doesn't hurt so much. I opened my eyes. I was in my bed. In my house. I moved my arm. Nothing out of normal. Had this been a nightmare? It had to be, there was no other explaination. It was weird, nonetheless. I seldomly have nightmares. And I have never dreamed something that felt so real.