The rumblings of the canteen made me nervous. so many voices at the same time. I would get dizzy from the noise and the smell of people all around me, crashing against me. Pushing me. I was there nonetheless, standing on a corner. Waiting for Jake to arrive.

One month had gone by and, since that awkward first meeting we had grown to be friends. sort of. We would spend our Fridays together studying mathematics, which of course bored me to death, and then we would go and talk about arts, novels or we would simply walk until it was late and we would go home. Everyday we would meet at the canteen to have lunch together. It felt good to have a friend.

Suddenly, a flash of gold caught my eye and I immediately turned around. His golden eyes focused on my every move. I had not noticed he had been staring at me all this time.

"About time you arrived! Where have you been?" I asked him grumpily.

"I've been here all the time. I wanted to see if you'd notice me, klutz" he replied airily. I hit the back of his head. "Ow Woman! That hurts!"

"That's the point of it"

All tables were taken so we decided to go to the gym. Our school gym had a ceiling and, as the canteen was too small, Mr. Van Dijkstra allowed us to eat in the benches during autumn and wintertime. Sometimes even in spring since it was always raining.

The benches were not the most comfortable place to eat lunch. There are many ways to eat in a bench but no matter if you stand on your knees before the bench or try to sit with your legs at each side of the bench you'll never find it as good as a table.

A basketball ball almost crashes into my bowl of soup; luckily, Jake grabbed it before it hit. And we turned around to face a group of boys about our age.

"Want to play?" they asked Jake. His eyes set upon the ball before he took his shirt off and stood up to play. I suppose he did not want to sweat on his shirt. He looked at me as saying 'I'll be back' and ran over.

I had never seen him without his shirt before, and I could not help but gasp at the tattoo he had on his back. It covered all of his back and it was all black with the shape of a bird with its wings unfolded, flying upwards. Under it, there were pointy things like stakes or. maybe fire.

In that instant, a shiver ran throughout my back. The feeling of utter fear shocked me. I feared the symbol. I was afraid of my friend. But it was ridiculous. how could a simple picture make me feel like that? There was no real reason for me to be afraid. And so I shocked my head, trying to bring some sense into it.