Disclaimer:All the contents of this work belongs to Jenny Stenning.

"I knew it, you're one of them," Bix screamed, his finger pointing accusingly at Xy.

Xy looked blankly at him then cocked his arm back and let rip. He hit Bix square in the nose. The force broke the bone and blood erupted from his face. But Xy's hand did not stop there, it kept penetrating his head. Splinters of snapped bone flew back into Bix's brain. The sticky mass that was so easy to manipulate, to control. As soon as Xy's hand reached Bix's brain he stopped. By now Bix wasn't struggling and Xy held his lifeless body.

Putting his mouth to the grotesque hole in Bix's head, Xy slowly began to quench his ever increasing thirst for knowledge.

He scanned the thoughts in Bix's brain, taking only what he needed and the rest would fall into the great oblivion.

When he had finished, and Bix's skull was just an empty hollow he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and walked slowly away.

To be continued...